Over twelve years ago we established Synchrone with a single, shared ambition, to create a company combing dynamism and innovation, expertise and human values. Back then we were just two young entrepreneurs, dreaming of growth opportunities. We were able to hand-pick each real and substantive opportunity to turn our dreams into the reality of a successful company.

Synchrone has grown year after year, posting significant and noteworthy growth each time. Regularly awarded for its outstanding performance (L’Entreprise, Challenges, etc.) and rewarded for its growth (Deloitte Special Award), our company has continued to expand and establish a clear and well-known presence for itself.

Deeply involved in a constantly changing environment where local challenges blend with globalisation, Synchrone Technologies is now backed by its vision of a global offer of services that makes it technologically competitive. This vision is being developed in close collaboration with large groups whose needs change with the market's latest trends and currents.

The challenges we want to take up today are dictated by an analysis of our ecosystem. We need to sustain the achievements that are our strengths, like our resources, our areas of expertise, and our policy of ethics and social and environmental responsibility. And to combine that with an approach that systematically anticipates client needs and changes in order to achieve proven leadership.

Designing new solutions, positioning ourselves at the core of innovation and developing an international offer of services : to bring our highest ambitions, we have chosen an institutional partnership by partnering with Bpifrance and Siparex. For the long term, it will propel in the coming years the dynamics of the already strong growth of Synchrone. The richness of our exchanges with investment teams and their perfect understanding of our development strategy ensures us to take a promising course.

Laurent LECONTE, co-CEO and founder of Synchrone


Pierre LACAZE, co-CEO and founder of Synchrone